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Alexa Aimes Tattooed Goddess Manhandled

Alexa Aimes Tattooed Goddess Manhandled. Big tits. Big tats. Raven haired. Nasty as hell. Must be Alexa Aimes. Definitely not the girl next door, boys. This is no girl scout. Alexa Aimes is a nasty, dirty, cock hungry slut who likes to show off for the camera. A quality whore, Alexa deep throats a dick like a piston in a engine. She throws her mouth down on the dick with reckless abandon. She fucks like it might be her last time. Good looking with big tits and a hot ass Alexa Aimes satisfies, you’ll see.

Alexa Aimes Tattooed Goddess Manhandled

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After being fucked by Seth and a quick clean up of her face, Alexa Aimes feels she still needs some more dick! She calls Kurt to come over and help her move in some of her things. When Kurt arrives, she baits him into her trap just like she did Seth. She has a sad look on her face prompting Kurt to ask what is wrong. Alexa shows Kurt the text from her boyfriend saying that her pussy looks like a wilted piece of lettuce from a burger! Being the great guy that he is, he agrees to look at Alexa’s pussy so she can feel better about herself, and he falls right into her trap. After telling her it’s a great looking pussy, she wants him to taste it to make sure it’s normal. He relents but, she shoves his face right between her legs for him to lick away. Sadly, he doesn’t know Seth had his manhood in her not too long before he arrived, but as the saying goes, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

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